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Jing Ng.

Inspired by sound art and design in multi- disciplinary art forms, Jing explores the different perspectives of design with a strong passion for music and sound. He enjoys the collaborative process in every production he is fortunate to be part of. Exchanging ideas and working collectively with the creative team, taking pride in creating immersive works; keeping the integrity and boosting aesthetic expressions of the work.


He believes that sound design can support the productions with mood-fitting compositions and sound scapes, atmospheric ambients and strong effects; creating tonal accents to emphasize impact points and drawing undertones in delivering subliminal notions. By reexamining his own musical composition process, and constantly looking for creative spaces that conceptually envelopes the production, design ideas can be further devised even beyond the audio presentation.


Awarded the Singapore National Arts Council Overseas Education Scholarship in 2011, Jing majored Performance Sound at Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance (UK) where he graduated with First Class honours.


Despite his personal preference for live performance design, he strongly believes in keeping an open mind towards different styles; hoping to learn new techniques and roles of sound designers across all platforms of media and performance art.


He looks forward to all learning opportunities, to acquire new skills, knowledge and more importantly, different creative perspectives. 

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