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Technical Plans

PRISM OF TRUTH by Ground Z-0. (2020)

An immersive promenade theatrical performance at Esplanade Annexe Studio.

GAPS (Part of liTHE 2019) by T.H.E. Second Company (2019)

A dance performance choreographed by Goh ShouYi. Live sound art performance using plastic sheet as a base element. Performed at SOTA studio theatre.

KNOTS by SCLTA (2019)

An theatrical play directed by LiXie. Performed at Esplanade Studio Theatre.

FIRST FLEET by Nine Years Theatre (2019)

An theatrical play written and directed by Nelson Chia. Performed at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. The audience is set on stage with the performance in a 3-sided stage setting.

DRAGONFLIES by Pangdemonium Theatre Company (2018)

An theatrical play written by Stephanie Street, directed by Tracie Pang. Performed at Victoria Theatre. Surround sound theatre helped to achieve the immersive sense of the sonic design.

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